OnLine Training's (OLT) Real Estate School has been under development for several years, and we are excited to be able to present to you the first group of courses, with more on their way!

The OLT Real Estate Sales Associate pre-licensing course and CE courses are brand new, state-approved, and follow the proven educational teaching methods OLT has been using in our online courses for over 20 years! Also featured are brief videos or animations to enhance the learning of major concepts or introduce the lesson.

OLT's Real Estate courses are being offered at a discount at an introductory price! In return, we hope that you will email us any suggestions or concerns you may have with the course, and help make it even better for future students! Send your comments to We are extremely proud of these courses, but we know there's always room for improvement in any endeavor, or maybe saying something in a different way so a newcomer to the field can better understand something. OLT prides itself in always listening to student suggestions and can implement them quickly as appropriate.

Check out a demo of the first unit of our Sales Associate pre-licensing course here.
Check out a demo of the beginning of one of the Real Estate CE courses here.

Future plans include the Sales Associate Post-License course, Real Estate Appraiser Pre-License course, and more!

Real Estate pass-prep courses help prepare the student for the state licensing exam by using a question and answer format, drilling concepts already learned in the pre-licensing course.

We are proud to announce that our Real Estate author/instructor, Don Widmayer, recently completed the required education from REEA, The Real Estate Educators Association, and received a Gold Standard Instructor Certification. Congratulations, Don!

Course Extension (30 day)
Haven't finished your course yet?  Only one day left before it expires?  Here is the solution.Purchase a course extension and receive an additional 30 days to complete your course. If you would like to confirm your eligibility for an extension before purchasing it online please call OL..
 Real Estate Sales Associate Pre-Licensing Course (RE004FL63) - Six (6) month access
Register for this brand new course now during its Introductory pricing!The course is text-based (work at your own pace - no videos required).  Take the course from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The course is 100% online, including the final exam.  6-months access to the course, wit..
 RE004-SG1 Study Guide for Pre-Licensing Course RE004FL63 Real Estate Sales Associate
These study guides are written to compliment OnLine Training's RE004FL63 Florida Sales Associate Pre License course. They have been compiled to help you increase your chances of passing the course final exam. You should study the information for Test 1 for each of the units prior to taking Test 1...
 Real Estate CE - Core Law (RECE001FL3)
This course has been created in hopes of helping you have a better understanding of the Florida laws related to real estate.  This course is taken by sales associates, broker associates, and brokers. You cannot list and sell real estate to the public without knowing the laws and rules. Th..
 Real Estate CE - Business Ethics (RECE002FL3)
This course will discuss the differences between ethics, morality, and the law. Business ethics are presented with examples of companies that operated unethically. Our culture is faced with tough ethical questions that we will take a look at. An examination of the REALTORĀ® Code of Ethics will ..
 Real Estate CE - Fair Housing (RECE003FL4)
This course will introduce you to the federal Fair Housing Act, also known as Title 8 of the Civil Rights Act.  We will outline the seven protected classes and discuss discriminatory conduct and activities prohibited under the law.    The last lesson provides you with four ..
 Real Estate CE - Florida Contracts (RECE004FL4)
Why is it important to know all about contracts that are used in the real estate business? It is important because licensees use contracts to list homes, sell homes, list rental property, and rent property. These contracts layout the terms and conditions that all parties must agree on to mov..
 Real Estate CE Bundle - Complete 14 hours (RECEB001FL14)
The State of Florida requires you to take 14 hours of CE every two years after your first two-year cycle. Two of these courses, Core Law and Business Ethics, are required subjects by the State. The other 8 hours are specialty courses, general electives. Our bundle of 14 hours satisfies the State req..
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